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American Ballroom Dance Center   

           Best Social & Ballroom Dance Instruction in Springfield,MA      

(413)  348-7035


SERVICES- Partnership Dance Education

Serving the Greater Springfield, MA area including:

Longmeadow,MA - Palmer, MA - Chicopee,MA - Westfield, MA - Northern Connecticut: Enfield,CT, Sommers,CT - Windsor Locks, CT - Southwick,MA, - Hamden,MA  

Your Wedding Dance

Party Demos & Competitions

Night Clubs

Have you learned to Dance yet?

Why wait 'till next year or the next Holiday Party, Event or Wedding. Be a doer not a watcher. Everyone else is having the FUN. Why not you? Give us a call.Take advantage of our "Special Offer above........

Welcome Dance Enthusiasts

The folks at American Ballroom Dance Center have taught at this location for 36 years under a franchise. We are now Independent. We teach Social, Ballroom and Competition dancing. Social dancing at wedding receptions, holiday parties and clubs has been our main focus since that is what most people really want.

Competition Dancing

is great at a competition but that is the only place you can use it. Learning Steps, Timing, Lead/Follow, Styling and Floor Craft in a crowd is first of all what dancing should be. This knowledge gives you the confidence on any dance floor , year-round for the rest of your lives , not to mention the Stress Relief and Health Benefits. Our years of teaching has very successfully been proven. Why not try our "Special". Give yourself the opportunity to experience being trained by Certified Professional Instructors. American Ballroom Dance Center provides it all and more........

Ballroom Dancing Is an Effective Alternative to Traditional Exercise

" an Exhilarating Alternative to the Drudgery of the gym".

A 150 pound person burns: 100 calories in 30 minutes of slow Ballroom Dancing.

190 calories in 30 minutes of fast Ballroom Dancing.

A 200 pound person burns: 140 calories in 30 minutes of slow Ballroom Dancing.

250 calories in 30 minutes of fast Ballroom Dancing.

Health Status: Calories Burned Estimator.

A Full Body Workout with Fun Moves and Lively Music

Legs and Buttocks become stronger and more toned....

Moving in all directions helps train muscle groups that may rarely receive a workout....

Your arm and shoulder muscles benefit from keeping your arms in a proper position...

Your core muscles which are responsible for maintaining posture and proper body alignment

become stronger and tighter..

Twirling across the floor improves Flexibility, Balance and Agility.

AMDS: Exercise and Health Benefits of Ballroom Dancing.

Ballroom Dancing Makes You Smarter

"Our Brain constantly rewires it's neural pathways as needed".

On the spot decision making of Ballroom Dancing, offers...

a 76% reduction in the risk of Dementia.

No other activity even comes close" 

Richard Powers : Use It or Lose It.

A Stress Reliever

The Release of Endorphins is gives you a certain high...

almost 56% Higher than Marijuana. 

A Feeling of Well Being

You tend to smile more when dancing to your favorite tune.

The feeling of well-being brings an excellent glow to the skin....